On December 4, 2011 Iran downed a surveillance drone (a US RQ 170) that the US Empire used to secretly spy in the air space of Iran. Imagine how the Empire would respond if Iran or perhaps even Cuba or Venezuela used their drones to fly in the air space of the US.

What is interesting that it seems that the Iranians have this drone in a state that is nearly intact. On december 8 they launched a video in which they displayed the 'sentinel' (1), and I can't help but chuckle at the possibility that the people of Iran would now be able to reverse-engineer this highly advanced US-drone in such a way that they can use that technology for themselves.

The Americans would have considered a secret mission in Iran to regain possession of their RQ-170, but would have finally decided against it, because it would be a blatant declaration of war against the country (2), and they are not yet willing to create such an all out war.
When I think of these highly advanced technologies I can't help but think about the possibility to somehow influence these electronic devices through unconventional means. In books by Lynne McTaggart (3) we can read about all kinds of experiments in which people were somehow able to change electronic devices, like random-generators. Just imagine that we could develop enough thought-power to launch a distortion field that would disrupt any drone that is launched by the US Empire. 

Perhaps in such a case there would be no need for these supposedly electricity-debilitating weapons that countries like Russia and China would have (4). We could simply use our meditative minds to imagine and thereby create an end to weapons that are made to kill. 

Pepe Escobar has written a piece on this RQ-170 act of war by the US with an allegory from Monty Python at (5). Also read the article on Mathaba-net for more details (6).
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