One the reasons for having starting this particular blog was to stimulate my creative impulses. In order to battle the threat of turning into a information consuming moron, it was time to play with the information by adding my own personal touch. Instead of investing all my energy in keeping up with the news and everything that is going on in this world, I wanted to take pieces of this information within me, put it next to my heart and let my creative body juggle with in order to develop something new.

So, there I went, picking up something from the world news which I find interesting and have some introspective fun with it. Would I choose for the way the West is aggressively intermingling in the Middle East: first bombing their people into power in Libya, now going for some humanitarian aggression in Syria? 

Would I perhaps play around with the way Great Britain is economically waging all-out war on Iran, simply because Iran wants to have the right to build nuclear plants for their power supply?

Or would I meditate on something like that hazy Federal Reserve Bank, owned by Private Bankers who have now 'bailed out' Europe by swamping their economy with their unlimited number of freshly created dollars? (1,4) They create money and lend it to other undemocratic bankers elite, nearly for free, and then the banks can lend their money to the governments for rates up to 7%. 

That is sure a great way to make slaves of the working class - they have to work until their backs brake and the bankers just need to count the money that comes in. And if there is not enough money, well then they can always buy up energy, oil or water infrastructure, or they can buy even more real estate.

So, there I sat on my couch, eyes closed, meditating on how to enjoy this topic and create something new out of it, but all I noticed was that my belly was feeling more and more tight. Perhaps it was because of the apparent completely inability to do something about it. 

We have undemocratically appointed European Representatives like that Bilderberg-guy Borroso and that strange van Rompuy who talk with Obama about money matters (2) and nobody seems to be able to do anything about their unelected powers? (3)

Nobody can stop the banks either, because they are unelected and undemocratic as well. On top of all that even technocratic bankers are now even in control in some countries. How on Earth can anyone stop these people from taking over and buying up the complete world?

Perhaps it would help if everybody started to realize that the real bad guys are those ripping us off, the corporate elite and especially the bankers elite - those secret private bankers who stay out of the public attention, but who hoard all the profits and the rent that everybody pays to increase their wealth. Perhaps they should be exposed and named. Perhaps we should realize that those who control the money are those that have the real power. Perhaps it is time for us to think of a new system that would make it impossible to make large amounts of money and create endless debts.

Perhaps we should start a new currency, a new kind of money that is not guarded by the current elite structures?

After all these musings on my couch I decided that I'd better stop thinking about all these matters and go out to have a walk. That would surely be more introspective that reflecting on all these various forms of greed, lies and exploitation. Perhaps there are some people that I can greed with a smile, without having to wonder if they are like those evil bankers with their unchecked nuclear financial arms.

(4) Also see how they secretly created 8 trillion dollars out of thin air for the US-Banks themselves: