Because of the escalation of the situation between South Sudan and Sudan in april 2012, I got to know that the president of South-Sudan, Salva Kiir (1) has said to Ban Ki-Moon: “I am not a slave to fulfill your orders!” 

I was aware that the capital of Sudan is Khartoum, but I didn't know that the capital of the newest country in the world, is called 'Juba'. This reminded me strongly of a famous song in the Netherlands by someone with a German background, namely Dennie Christian, back in 1978, with Guust Flater's Marsupilami. You can enjoy this video below and instead of singing 'Huba Huba Huba, Hop, Hop, Hop', you could try the South-Sudanian variant, 'Juba, Juba, Juba, Hop, Hop, Hop'