On August 3, 2012 something miraculous happened in the city of Damascus. First there was this bombing by the FSA-gangs at the Al-Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee district, killing 21 people. When these FSA-war lords started their attack on Damascus half way july 2012, they had hoped that the Palestinians in Damascus would have supported them in their fight against the government.

But the Palestinians refused. They were loyal to the government who had supported them for decades after their expulsion from the Jewish state of Israel.

After the 21 people were killed the Palestinians came together and while holding each others hands, they used their full powers of imagination and intention to create an instant-karma return. A reporter from Introspective Internet saw how the explosives managed to form itself again a few meters above the ground in the al-Yarmouk district.

First it moved slowly but it soon gained enough speed to fly higher into the direction whence it came and then another explosion was heard: killing all those who were responsible for the bombing of the Palestinian refugee camp.

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