On november 2, 2011 Pepe Escobar wrote another excellent article on international politics (1). This time it featured the 'gerontocracy' of Saudi Arabia and its close ties to the American Drone Empire. In that particular article the young Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia plays the lead-role. This 78-year old heir to the non-democratic throne of King Abdullah (87 years old) has been the man who has led the Interior Security Ministry from 1975 until this very day.

This Prince Nayef is very popular in the US because he is very clear about his hatred for Iran, and as we know we have been told that Iran is ruled by the worst people you can imagine in the world.

Take for instance the speech of President Ahmedinijad during the General Assembly at the United Nations in which he actually was condemning 'a certain empire' for being so blantantly greedy, crude and aggressive (2).

No, the US prefers to be close friends with Saudi Arabia and their other non-democratic gulf states, gathered in this group called the GCC, which Escobar jokes might as well stand for 'Gulf Counter Revolutionary Club' (3).

Neyef, our old Saudi Prince, is also famous for his ideas about women's rights, which are extremely conservative and he thinks that democracy is for sissies as Escobar eloquently puts it in his article.

While I was reading a book by William Bloom (4) I came across the Hindu Goddess of Destruction, called Kali (5,7).

When you look at the enormous amounts of killings that are almost daily taking place by the US, it seems fair to say that Prince Nayef from Riyadh is in a way a Prince in the US-GCC Drone Empire of Kali (6).

If you take a closer look at this picture you might imagine the heads of leaders of souvereign countries, like Saddam Houssein and Moammar Gaddafi around their belt, with the numerous people that are killed with their remote-control drones as a necklace of skulls.

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