I have been quite occupied with the developments in the aggression on the Syrian people by the FSA-gangs lately. Near the end of July 2012 the gangs decided to go for the 'Battle of Aleppo' and soon various quarters/districts of this ancient Syrian city were mentioned in the news reports (6).

Since I always like to add a few new words to my vocabulary and my energetic association data base, I picked up one of the quarters in Aleppo with the name Salah ad-Din, that is spelled in various ways, like Saladin, Salehedine etc. 

Apparently this district is one of the poorest in Aleppo and it is also one of the biggest districts that was 'taken over' by the armed gangs before the Syrian Army started to reconquer the area on Saterday July 28, 2012.

This name 'Saladin' is derived from a Muslim warrior who managed to conquer Jerusalem in 1187. The Dutch-Morrocan rapper Abid Tounssi started to use the name Salah Edin and made a few rap-albums in the 2000s.

I had heard of Salah Edin before, as he was erroneously used in the Wilders video 'Fitna' because it was thought that he was 'Mohammed B', the killer of Vincent van Gogh, the producer of 'Submission', a Islam-critical video.

If that weren't enough, Salah Edin is also an Iraqi province north of Bagdad. 

Somehow I think that this rapping Salah Edin will not be seen fighting alongside the mercenary armies in the district op Salah ah-Din. Therefore you need a BBC-correspondent like Ian Pannell who joined these death-squads when they entered Aleppo and he hailed them as great freedom fighters. 

Rather disgusting, as far as I'm concerned (4). And then I didn't even mention the cynical role of William Hague, the minister of British Foreign affairs as one who contributed greatly to the escalation of the killings in Syria by fully backing these armed gangs (5).

Let's round it all off with a fresh July 28 tweet about a HQ destroyed by the Syrian Army in Salah Edin: