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Loving, Kindness, Turkey's dependence on Russia and Iran, and Mehmanparast

Posted by IntrospectivePut on Saturday, December 3, 2011, In : Iran 

The main objectives of this site are to stimulate my creativity and my ability to feed my long term memory (1,2). Due to the age of internet our short-term memory is making overtime, but it seems that less and less of it reaches our long term memory, simply because of the enormous amount of information. It seems to be hard for the mind to decide what is actually worthwhile to store in the long term memory.

In order to prevent the moment that I can only have memories and reflections, while sear...
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Prince Nayef of the Drone Empire of Kali

Posted by Introspective Put on Saturday, November 5, 2011, In : Saudi Arabia 

On november 2, 2011 Pepe Escobar wrote another excellent article on international politics (1). This time it featured the 'gerontocracy' of Saudi Arabia and its close ties to the American Drone Empire. In that particular article the young Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia plays the lead-role. This 78-year old heir to the non-democratic throne of King Abdullah (87 years old) has been the man who has led the Interior Security Ministry from 1975 until this very day.

This Prince Nayef is very popul...
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From the DEA to the Immune System Boosting DHEA and Heart Coherence

Posted by I.I. on Tuesday, October 18, 2011, In : Heart Matters 

I love the articles by the Asia Online journalist Pepe Escobar (1, picture) and I intend to read everything that he has written, at least what he has written on-line. I have posted a number of interviews of Escobar at my youtube-channel WolkenZwemmer (2) in which he gives his perspective on international politics.

In an article called 'The Occupy Iran Fast and Furious Plot (extended)'(3) he presents a tongue-in-cheek account of the incredible incredulousness of the allegations that Iran wou...
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