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Syrian Sana still off-line, but the Swedish Ajax Sana is on-line

Posted by Introspective Internet on Sunday, August 19, 2012, In : Syria 

For quite a few months now, the Syrian News website Sana has experienced attacks which leave the website unavailable most of the time. Luckily there is a way around it by not using the original but by using its IP-address, which is: There are backups to be found at (1).

For me the name Sana stands for the Syrian Arab News Agency, but today I discovered that there is a Swedish football player who has started to play for the Amsterdam team of Ajax, in the begi...
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Salah Edin, the Dutch-Morrocan Rapper and the district in South Aleppo

Posted by IntroSpective Internet on Saturday, July 28, 2012, In : Syria 

I have been quite occupied with the developments in the aggression on the Syrian people by the FSA-gangs lately. Near the end of July 2012 the gangs decided to go for the 'Battle of Aleppo' and soon various quarters/districts of this ancient Syrian city were mentioned in the news reports (6).

Since I always like to add a few new words to my vocabulary and my energetic association data base, I picked up one of the quarters in Aleppo with the name Salah ad-Din, that is spelled in various ways, l...
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Loving, Kindness, Turkey's dependence on Russia and Iran, and Mehmanparast

Posted by IntrospectivePut on Saturday, December 3, 2011, In : Iran 

The main objectives of this site are to stimulate my creativity and my ability to feed my long term memory (1,2). Due to the age of internet our short-term memory is making overtime, but it seems that less and less of it reaches our long term memory, simply because of the enormous amount of information. It seems to be hard for the mind to decide what is actually worthwhile to store in the long term memory.

In order to prevent the moment that I can only have memories and reflections, while sear...
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