The aim of this site is to stimulate people to go within after reading a number of paragraphs on some internet-page. To use information as a stimulus for contemplation, as a means to combat the relentless external mind-fragmenting jumping-arounds which are so common when you visit our dear internet.

Like I have said before (1) I have grown aware of this externalising, energy-brokering style of internet-usage due to my Libya-contagion. In order to turn within I want to read articles in a much more personal way, that will allow some of the information to actually root in my long-term memory.

One of the sources for anti-imperialistic information on NATO's war on Libya is Mathaba (2). On this site you can read about the updates that you don't get through the regular main stream media. One of the mysterious authors that present information is someone called 'Dennis South'. In his report on October 3 he mentioned an attack by the Tuareg (who would have sided along with the Green Jamahiriya against NATO) in a place called Tarragon. Here's an excerpt:

Monday, 03 OCT 2011

A gang of NATO-rebel mercenaries were encircled and killed by Libyan people's resistance forces.

Thirty-five (35) tanks and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) were destroyed by the Zintana Brigades, lead by Commander Amazigh and Commander Katara. This destruction occurred within an interval of only 5 minutes, 7 km from Tarragon (about 70 km from Tripoli)" (2)
And there I went...all the way to Libya to search for a place with the name of Tarragon. During the last six months I have learnt quite some Libyan names, but Tarragon was sure something new. Wouldn't he have meant 'Tarhuna', perhaps? Cause, no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find a trace of Tarragon.

When I entered the grand Library of Wikipedia in the Libyan capital I could only find that Tarragon is a herb (see image of dried Tarragon leaves), sometimes referred to as dragon's wort, with a smell that resembles anise (3). There is even a French Tarragon variant. I wouldn't think that anything French can count on much sympathy amongst the Tuareg these days. They have gained some distrust - to say the least - about France's support for those who committed the coup and who would have killed many black Tuareg people (4).

I sometimes wonder: what would Aragorn (first image) do (WWAD)? What would he have done when we was there with the black Tuareg fighting the Rebels in this mysterious city called Tarragon? Would he have called for the dead to help him again?