The main objectives of this site are to stimulate my creativity and my ability to feed my long term memory (1,2). Due to the age of internet our short-term memory is making overtime, but it seems that less and less of it reaches our long term memory, simply because of the enormous amount of information. It seems to be hard for the mind to decide what is actually worthwhile to store in the long term memory.

In order to prevent the moment that I can only have memories and reflections, while searching for items through google I want to invest consciously in adding information to my own long term memory google banks. 

One of the best ways to go around such a thing is by connecting the new elements with elements already stored in your own memory fields.

One of the first things that I would like to add is the active knowledge of a kind of meditation that increases one's ability to feel warmth and care for others. It appears that if you are able to increase your heart's warmth, your body gives off all kinds of signals to the brains to stimulate it.

The result of that is a better functioning brain, with higher awareness, a better immune system and more joy. This increases one's ability to access your own memory banks as well (3). 

In a scientific article by Barbara Fredrickson (4) we can read about this Loving, Kindness Meditation. On page 1046 it reads:
"Loving Kindness Meditation (LKM) is a technique used to increase feelings of warmth and caring for self and others (Salzberg, 1995, 5)...LKM involves directing one's emotions toward warm and tender feelings in an open-hearted way. Individuals are first asked to focus on their heart region and contemplate a person for whom they already feel warm and tender feelings (e.g., their child, a close loved one). They are then asked to extend these warm feelings first to themselves and then to an ever-widening circle of others"
Now wouldn't that be a great idea for all those war-mongering Europeans, Arab Kings and Americans? Wouldn't it be far more constructive if the Western agression towards Syria and Iran would be eased by a few sessions of LKM? Russia has said that the recent IAEA-report was a Public Relation stunt (6), and Joschka Fischer, the former minister of Foreign Affairs in Germany has asked for the parties to return to the negotiation table instead of waging economic and diplomatic wars on Iran, based on some CIA-manufactured IAEA-report (7).

Speaking of Foreign Ministers. Ever since the Coup d'etat by the NATO Imperialists in Libya I have following the Russian and Iranian websites of RT and Presstv. I have noticed a particular man showing up quite regularly lately and I had thought that he was the minister of foreign affairs of Iran: Ramin Mehmanparast (see image, 8).

It turns out that he is not the Foreign Minister of Iran, but the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry. The real foreign minister is Ali Akbar Salehi (9). What struck me was the combination of the finely combed hair, close to the head and the presence of a small one-day beard. Try to stimulate your long-term memory to remember a few Iranian names, like Ramin Mehmanparast (wegman, mehman, parast, parast).

This combination reminded me of the president of the Iranian Republic, Ahmedinijad (10). This apparently is something that you see more often in Iran. When have you seen Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron or Merkel (...) with a day-old beard?

For those who still believe that the United States are the representatives of peace and democracy I would recommend watching the video above by the Iranian President in which he gives a speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2011.

To round off this article of today (enough attention has been given to Ramin Mehmanparast) I would like to add an element from my favorite correspondent, Pepe Escobar on the position of Turkey in the approach to Syria. In the article 'The Shadow War on Syria' (11) he says that Turkey seems to have abandoned its 'soft' role in the region. It seems to have turned into a NATO-puppet using hard words against their neighbours in Syria.

Escobar reminds us of the dependent position Iran has on both Russia and Iran. As is well known these countries do not condone a western (or Saudi-Western (12)) invasion of Syria to create another regime change. 70% of Turkey's energy comes from Iran and Russia. Is it really clever of them to aggrevate their energy suppliers like that in order to please the western war hawks called Sarkozy, Cameron and Pentagon-Obama?

Any Comments are welcome.
(5) Salzberg, S. (1995). Loving-kindness: The revolutionary art of happiness. Boston: Shambhala.
(10) It has taken me quite some time to remember that name correctly.

 (*) Image of witches taken from youtube's Sesamestreet video: